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"I’m writing to let you know how satisfied I am with your company and especially your employee.  Hayden has done an incredible job of keeping our system up to date and operating efficiently.  Whenever we have had a issue with our IT system, Hayden has always made himself available by assisting us with a quick fix over the phone or coming to our office as soon as possible to provide more extensive solutions or changes.  Hayden’s response time is always immediate and he has been extremely patient with explaining technical details in understandable terms with myself and other employees.  He is truly dedicated to providing the best service to ARC and I am completely impressed with his reliability and his work ethic.


The assessments that you and Hayden provide have proven to be effective in steering us toward an IT system that is completely sufficient for our scope of work without recommending anything too excessive or unnecessary.  You and Hayden handle all of our IT needs in the most knowledgeable and professional manner.   I wish all of our contractors were as remarkable as Bolt Forward."

- Wade L'Heureux, Director, Acceptance Recovery Center

"If I could describe my relationship with Bolt Forward in three words, it would be "PEACE OF MIND". Previous IT companies often failed to respond to issues in a timely manner, and when they did - they didn't always fix the problem. Bolt Forward responds EVERY time we need them to, and they get things done the right way. They take care of technology so I can focus on my core business."

- Aaron Clark, Owner, Desert Foothills Landscaping

"Our partnership with Bolt Forward has resulted in MAXIMIZING the uptime of our network infrastructure and MINIMIZING unplanned downtime. We worked with them to design and implement specific changes to improve the stability of our network, and we now have better than 99.9% UPTIME."

- Jon Gatlin, IT Manager, Hickman's Family Farms

"We have relied on Bolt Forward for our complex IT needs for over ten years.  Bolt Forward is one of those rare companies that has become somewhat of a hybrid around here.  They are so integrated into our company and we are so used to engaging them whenever we have a problem that cannot be solved by our in-house IT people, they are valued like an employee.  I am pretty sure there are people who work here who don’t realize the Bolt Forward team isn't an employee.  We are a business that operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year.  I have personally texted or emailed Mike at 2 or 3 in the morning and had him respond immediately.  Not once has he ever complained that we interrupted his sleep for a problem we should have solved ourselves or that could have waited a few hours.  Bolt Forward is trusted to negotiate with our other IT service providers such as our wireless company.  They have assisted in the network design as we have grown, making sure each new division gets connected, whether in Arizona, California or Colorado.

A few years back, we went from an agreement where we would just call Bolt Forward whenever we needed something to an arrangement where we meet once a quarter and discuss our current IT problems, the opportunities for growth and what roadblocks may lie ahead. It took a while to convince us this approach would be a benefit and sometimes we go a little longer than a quarter in between meetings, but this managed care approach has been great.  We budget for whatever changes are discussed and whatever upgrades are on the horizon which makes it way easier when the suggestion is made to grow a server or expand a network. 

I truly don’t care how the things he does work.  I am happy thinking there are little IT fairies inside our computers doing all this amazing stuff.  Bolt Foward's expertise and dedication allow me to live in that IT fantasy world and to do what I do best, using the systems he designed, implemented and maintains to manage my little piece of the world."

- Jim Manos, CFO, Hickman's Family Farms

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